How Long Do Allen Edmonds Last?

Can you return Allen Edmonds in store?

However, you may take your return in-store and an associate would be happy to package it up and send it in for you.

There is a restocking fee of $25 per pair on Factory Second returns.

Please note that PayPal purchases that are returned at an Allen Edmonds store location will only be eligible for store credit..

Are Allen Edmonds shoes comfortable?

Allen Edmonds – Allen Edmonds makes a collection of quality dress shoes that have removable insoles and lightweight cushion outsoles. … The material in the outsoles (EVA) will not wear particularly well, but it will be more comfortable than any leather-soled shoe. These shoes are re-craftable for a good value.

Are Allen Edmonds good quality?

At 395, these aren’t cheap shoes; they are certainly an investment. But with Allen Edmonds you can know that you’re buying a shoe that is really substantiated with quality that’s well made from quality components and that if taken care of properly can easily last you a decade or more.

How much does it cost to resole Allen Edmonds?

STANDARD PACKAGE———$125 Complete restoration. New outsoles, heels, cork in-lay, welting and laces. Uppers are refinished and hand-polished. NEW HEELS———$50 New leather heel bases and rubber toplifts.

Are Allen Edmonds true to size?

If there are no stores or retail locations nearby, my adivce would be to use the guide on the AE website and make your best guess. For what it’s worth, I have other shoes on the same last as the 5th ave and they run pretty true to size. I wear a 9.5D (US) and the fit is pretty spot on.

Who wears Allen Edmonds?

And to look like a classy guy, check out the shoes from Allen Edmonds. In fact, this brand is American-made and worn by many past Presidents for their inaugurations, which include Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Are Allen Edmonds seconds worth it?

Some say their quality control is not what it used to be, but its still good enough that many seconds have only very minor issues that wouldn’t make a difference once you’ve worn the shoe for a few times. The $10 restock fee is WELL worth it to save a whole lot more.

Are factory seconds worth it?

Factory seconds are definitely worth the gamble. If you can get a relationship with a sales associate who will look at them for you, you’ll be fine. U buy them almost exclusively and have never gotten a bad pair.

How much does it cost to resole dress shoes?

Expect to pay around $15 to $25. If you don’t care too much about slight changes in color, you can definitely do this at home, DIY style — just buy a reputable product, like Revivex for suede and Aquaseal for leather.

How long do Allen Edmonds soles last?

Expect to resole them after 5-7 years. At that point, you may also have to repair the lining in the heel. Also, expect to replace the Allen Edmonds rubber heel toplifts after 1-2 years. However, good replacement rubber heels are much better than the ones from AE and will last for the lifetime of the leather sole.

Are Allen Edmonds worth the price?

Price: While they’re not the most expensive shoes on the market, Allen Edmonds’ footwear is by no means inexpensive. The incredible value rolled into the price isn’t super helpful if a guy can’t afford them.

How many times can you resole Allen Edmonds?

The longevity of your Allen Edmonds shoes greatly depends on how well they have been cared for. Typically, shoes with good leather uppers and interior lining are still able to receive recrafting services. Generally, we can Recraft a pair of shoes about 2 or 3 times maximum.

Do Allen Edmonds shoes stretch?

In a broader sense: yes, all shoes break in and stretch and get looser. This is not the same as forcing yourself into the wrong size and wearing it until it fits. It means wearing the correct size, and breaking them in a few hours at a time until the leather softens and shapes to your walking patterns.