Question: What Is The Opposite Of A Humanitarian?

What is the opposite of philanthropic?

What is the opposite of philanthropy?selfishnessmisanthropyuncaringavariceegocentricityegocentrismgreedinessinhumanityinsensitivitymeanness34 more rows.

Who is the biggest philanthropist in the world?

The Top 25 Billionaire Givers (2014-2018)1 | Warren Buffett.2 | Bill & Melinda Gates.3 | George Soros.4 | Michael Bloomberg.5 | Walton Family.6 | Jim & Marilyn Simons.7 | Chuck Feeney.8 | Hansjoerg Wyss.More items…•

What is the similar word of Recognise?

Recognize Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for recognize?perceiveseeadmitapprehendcomprehendconcedediscernrealiseUKrealizeUScognize206 more rows

What’s the meaning of altruistic?

a : having or showing an unselfish concern for the welfare of others altruistic acts/motives a generous and altruistic person Yet many of the most important institutions in our society—the fine arts, NGOs, humanitarian charities—depend on the generosity of wealthy citizens with altruistic impulses.—

What are synonyms for recognize?


Who is considered a philanthropist?

A philanthropist is a person who donates time, money, experience, skills or talent to help create a better world. Anyone can be a philanthropist, regardless of status or net worth.

What is the opposite of nefarious?

Opposite of villainous, criminal or wicked in nature or behavior. reputable. sound. trustworthy. upright.

What is the opposite of recognize?

What is the opposite of recognize?overlookignoremissneglectforgetomitskipdenydiscountslight86 more rows

What does humanitarian mean?

“Being a humanitarian means helping people who are suffering and saving lives any time any place in the world. And so humanitarian work requires being responsible, conscious of the circumstances of other people’s lives, and helping them on the basis of need, without discrimination.

How do you use humanitarian in a sentence?

Humanitarian in a Sentence 🔉He was a humanitarian whose focus was eliminating homelessness. … The humanitarian was involved in various children’s charities. … Because he had raised money for the hospital, they threw a celebratory dinner to honor the humanitarian.More items…

What mean generous?

Someone showing generosity is happy to give time, money, food, or kindness to people in need. … When you show generosity, you might give away things or money or put others before yourself. But generosity is about more than cash and stuff. When you’re forgiving and gentle to people, you show generosity of spirit.

What does compassionate mean?

1 : having or showing compassion : sympathetic a compassionate friend a compassionate smile.

What is the opposite word of humanitarian?

inhumane, niggardly, uncharitable, uncompassionate, egoistic, pitiless, Hard-hearted, egotistic, unkind, egoist, self-indulgent, opponent, unfeeling, unsympathetic, Ungiving, miserly, self-seeking, stingy.

What’s another word for Humanitarian?

In this page you can discover 45 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for humanitarian, like: compassionate, public-spirited, helper, charitable, philanthropic, generous, altruistic, good samaritan, kind, egotistic and human-centered.

What’s another word for recognizing?

In this page you can discover 67 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for recognize, like: know, have diplomatic relations with, spot, recall, admit knowledge of, identify, concede, accept, recollect, appreciate and overlook.