Question: What Part Of Speech Is Publishing?

What is the adjective of publish?

Word family (noun) publisher publishing (adjective) published ≠ unpublished (verb) publish..

Is the meaning of publication?

Meaning of publication in English. the act of making information or stories available to people in a printed or electronic form: … a book, magazine, newspaper, or document in which information or stories are published: Our latest publication is a magazine for health enthusiasts.

What is the verb of diversity?

verb (used with object), di·ver·si·fied, di·ver·si·fy·ing. to make diverse, as in form or character; give variety or diversity to; variegate. to invest in different types of (securities, industries, etc.).

WHO publishes Dictionarycom?

Dictionary.comType of siteDictionaryAvailable inEnglishOwnerRock HoldingsCreated byBrian Kariger Daniel FierroURLwww.dictionary.com3 more rows

Is publish a verb or noun?

transitive verb. 1a : to make generally known. b : to make public announcement of.

Is publishings a word?

Publishings definitions Plural form of publishing.

What is publication English?

A publication is something made to communicate with the public. Publications are usually printed on paper (like magazines and books), but online publications are delivered via the Internet.

What does it mean for something to be published?

To publish is to make content available to the general public. … The word publication means the act of publishing, and also refers to any printed copies.

Is publishing a noun?

noun. the activities or business of a publisher, especially of books or periodicals: He plans to go into publishing after college.

Is publication a verb?

verb (used without object) to issue newspapers, books, computer software, etc.; engage in publishing: The new house will start to publish next month. to have one’s work published: She has decided to publish with another house.

Is publishable a word?

Publishable definitions Able to be published.

What is the noun for publish?

noun. /ˈpʌblɪʃɪŋ/ /ˈpʌblɪʃɪŋ/ [uncountable] ​the profession or business of preparing and printing books, magazines, CD-ROMs, etc.

What is a published material?

Published material means any newspaper, magazine, shopper, outdoor advertising facility, poster, direct mailing, brochure, internet site, campaign sign, or any other form of printed or electronic general public political advertising. “Published material” includes television, video, or motion picture advertising.

What is the verb form of publication?


What does publishing mean in writing?

To publish means to make information and literature available for the public to view. Publishing involves the process of producing and distributing literature so that the public can have access to it. … The traditional meaning of the word “publishing” means to print newspapers and books on paper and distribute them.