Quick Answer: Is Home Depot Still Renting Tools?

Does Home Depot rent out Sanders?

Floor Care & Refinishing Rental At The Home Depot Tool Rental Center, you can find everything you need to keep your floors looking beautiful, including polishers and floor sander rentals..

Can I rent tools at Lowe’s?

At Lowe’s, you can rent the same commercial-grade tools and equipment many professionals choose to buy, without the high cost associated with purchasing new. Plus, with a rental, you don’t have to worry about maintenance or storage.

What does Home Depot rent?

Tool RentalLawn Mowers.Large Equipment.Augers.Pressure Washers.Wall & Painting Tools.Moving & Lifting Equipment.Concrete Tools.Carpet Cleaners.More items…

What is the best floor sander to rent?

Top 9 Sanders for Hardwood Floors ReviewsBon HT8 HireTech Multi-Speed Drum Floor Sander. … Clarke Drum Sander Ez-8 Expandable Drum. … Bosch Power Tools – 6″ Inch Electric Orbital Sander, Polisher. … Bosch OS50VC 1/2-Sheet Orbital Finishing Sander with Vibration Control. … Bosch 6-Inch Hook-and-Loop Random-Orbit Sander/Polisher.More items…

Does Lowes rent floor sanders?

Lowe’s does not rent floor sander equipment. We spoke with customer service representatives from Lowe’s who confirmed that the company does not rent out floor sanders. Some Lowe’s locations do rent out power tools, but sanders are not available for rent at any location.

Does Ace Hardware rent floor sanders?

We offer a wide variety of equipment for rent on a hourly, daily, weekly and even monthly basis and have everything from aerators, lawn combers, tillers and post hole diggers, to drain cleaners, floor sanders, breakers hammers and more. … Our Service center can do the dirty work for you!

How long is a day rental at Home Depot?

Home Depot rents most of its tools and equipment on four-hour, one-day, or week-long rates.

How much does it cost to rent tools at Home Depot?

The amount varies by rental, ranging from $300-$500 for large equipment and $25-$300 for general tools.

Can you rent tools from Home Depot?

With rental centers available in most of our stores nationwide, we make renting tools easy. We offer competitive prices for all of our rental services, and several different tool rental rate options for your convenience. You’ll find all the moving supplies and equipment you need to relocate your home or office.

How late can you rent tools from Home Depot?

If you rent a tool from Home Depot after 6pm (mine closes at 9pm) you can rent it for the 4 hour price versus the 24hr price as long as you get it back to them by 9am the next day.

Is Home Depot truck rental cheaper than uhaul?

Home Depot charged $219 for a 12-foot or 16-foot moving truck for four days with unlimited miles. U-Haul charged $99 for a 15-foot moving truck for up to three days and 595 miles.