Quick Answer: Why Does My DAB Radio Say Service Not Available?

How do I reset my DAB radio?

Press and hold the Select or the Info button on your radio until the display shows System Reset or Factory Reset.

Press and hold the Menu button for three seconds.

Push the Tune button within 3 seconds to confirm the Reset.

Press the Menu button and select System Reset or Factory Reset..

Is there a problem with DAB radio?

DAB radio outages are rare and usually don’t last for very long (a few hours at most). Large-scale outages that affect all stations are especially rare. In fact, we couldn’t find any news reports about DAB ever being completely down in the UK since the technology was launched.

Why can’t I get Times Radio on DAB?

To check that Times Radio is available at your address on DAB, visit the postcode checker at getdigitalradio.com/. Times Radio should automatically appear in the alphabetical list of stations on your DAB radio. If it doesn’t, you might need to retune or re-scan to find it.

What stations are available on DAB radio?

The DAB stations currently broadcast on Digital One are:Absolute Radio.Absolute Radio 80s.BFBS Radio.Classic FM.LBC.Magic.Planet Rock.Premier Christian Radio.More items…•

Is Times Radio DAB or DAB+?

Times RadioFrequencyDAB: 11A Sound DigitalSloganKnow your timesProgrammingLanguage(s)EnglishFormatNews, talk11 more rows

What DAB frequency is times radio?

11A frequencyOn DAB, Times Radio is available on the 11A frequency and given the nature of digital radios, shouldn’t be too hard to find. Although you may need to re-tune or re-scan your device to update the list of channels available.

Does DAB radio need WiFi?

The short answer to this question is: No, DAB radio doesn’t need WiFi or an internet connection. … This means you can only listen to digital stations on your phone using an app, rather than via a DAB tuner. When listening on your phone, radio uses data (unless you listen via FM radio).

Is Times Radio any good?

We asked readers last night whether they had listened to Times Radio and what they thought of it. Some 290 voted and 37.6% said they had listened. Of the 290: 15.2% said they liked it, 14.5% said it was OK and 7.9% said they didn’t like it. On the whole, this seems like a pretty good result for day one.

Why is my car DAB signal so poor?

Poor DAB reception can also be caused by equipment used in the vehicle. For example, phone chargers or dash cams sometimes cause interference and affect your radio signal. Try unplugging the items to see if one of them is causing any interference.

How do I get better reception on my DAB radio?

DAB radio aerials usually work best when positioned vertically unlike FM aerials, which work better horizontally. Once you have moved the radio and adjusted the aerial, try retuning the radio to see if it picks up more stations and has better reception.