Quick Answer: Why Is Wes Taking So Long?

Which is faster Wes or Iqas?

Has anyone done their ECA with IQAS after CIC added them as authorised designated institution for doing ECA?.

How much time they take to complete ECA.

WES is much faster among all..

It completes ECA at a rocket-speed of within just 7 days..

and will take more 7-10 days to reach in applicant’s hands….

Is Wes reliable?

WES is a very trustworthy, helpful, efficient and versatile organization which keeps you informed and updated throughout the process. I have had a quite satisfying experience using their services for my Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).

How long does the Wes process take?

A Document-by-Document or Course-by-Course Evaluation takes about seven (7) business days after we receive, review, and accept all your required documents and fees. NOTE: A credential evaluation may take longer if additional verification or information is required.

How long does Wes take to update status?

It takes two to three business days for our staff to process documents after they arrive at WES. You will receive a status update once documents have been processed and are active in our system.

Does Wes account expire?

Although WES standard reports do not have an expiry date, Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) reports for Canadian immigration purposes expire five years from the date of issue. … A standard WES credential evaluation report is designed for other purposes than just immigration.

How can I get Wes online?

Tips for Completing Your WES ApplicationCreate an online account (if you are a first-time applicant) and complete the online application.Send in your required documents, indicating your WES reference number on the sealed envelope. … We verify your credentials and send your credential evaluation report to you and your chosen recipients.

How can I send my transcript to Wes?

Please contact your institution. WES only accepts documents in sealed envelopes that are mailed directly by the institutions (universities or autonomous colleges) themselves. My institution will not send documents directly to WES, but I have an attested copy in a sealed envelope.

Which ECA is the fastest?

As always, your experience might be different but imo the fastest ECA would be WES….Looking at the websites of each organization, I found the following processing times:BCIT ICES: 4 to 7 weeks.WES: 7 weeks (35 business days)CES: 12 weeks.IQAS: 20 weeks.ICAS: 25 weeks.

What does evaluation in progress mean in Wes?

On WES portal it says “Your evaluation is in progress. You are not required to do anything at this time. … It means they have received all documents and will start the evaluation process.

Is Wes or ICAS better?

The good part with WES, they offer fast track service but it is expensive. However, WES don’t have a good customer service and their prone to error in evaluation like one of my degree is only evaluated as 2 years in WES while in ICAS it is a Bachelor’s Degree.

Can I see my Wes report online?

Completed WES Evaluation Reports can be accessed through AccessWES®, our secure online delivery system, or they can be mailed to you.

What if my university is not listed in Wes?

Points are only awarded for education that is recognized. This means that you will only recieve points for the degrees/diplomas that are recognized in the ECA. So if WES did not recognize your institution, then CIC will award you no points for the degree or diploma you received from the non-recognized institution.

How do I contact Wes?

(ULS) at 1-800-419-4601 (outside the U.S., call 212-766-4111) or any certified translation service of your choice.