What Is A DEP Contract?

Is a DEP discharge bad?

A discharge from the DEP has no negative effects if you later wish to enlist in different military service—only if you wish to enlist in the same service that discharged you from the DEP..

What is a DEP commander’s call?

While waiting in the DEP, you’ll meet with your recruiter periodically (usually once per month). Often these meetings take place in the form of a “Commander’s Call,” where all the DEPpers attend a group meeting.

Does DEP count as time in service?

Can you leave the DEP? … The time in the Delayed Entry Program does not count towards Military service until you sign and begin your active duty contract. To leave the DEP you must follow the Department of Defense Instruction 1332.14 which states that you have the right to leave if you do not meet enlistment standards.

How does the DEP program work?

The Delayed Entry Program (DEP) allows you to complete your application to the Air Force and reserve your Air Force job before an assignment is available. While you wait for your job assignment, you will stay in touch weekly with your recruiter to verify that you are doing what it takes to remain qualified.

What is a DEP meeting?

Throughout the delayed entry program (DEP), recruiters hold regular meetings to prepare Future Sailors for boot camp and eventually the Fleet. These meetings sometimes focus on specific fields such as special warfare and nuclear engineering.

Are DEP meetings mandatory?

Yes, they are mandatory. I dep discharged many future Sailors for not attending mandatory dep meetings. You can schedule a make-up in advance for an occasional meeting you’re going to miss but that is a once in awhile thing not a every meeting thing. Talk to your recruiter and dialogue with them.

Can you back out after you swear in at MEPS?

Can I back out of joining the military? … You aren’t officially in the military until right before you ship out of the MEPS station, where you sign your final papers and make your final oath. Up until this point, if you want out, you can just call up the recruiter.

Can you get kicked out of DEP?

Can you get kicked out of the US Navy DEP program? Yes you can be discharged from US Navy DEP. If at any time you no longer meet Basic Enlistment Eligibility Requirements (BEERs), you will be discharged.

Can I leave DEP?

If you want to withdraw from the DEP, write a brief letter to the local recruiting commander (not your individual recruiter) of the branch of the military you signed up for (see www.usarec.army.mil for battalion headquarters addresses). … Once the letter has been sent, refuse all further contact with the recruiter.